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Lettering System

・ True Type Font
・ Visible Stitch
・ Simple Input

E-Reader E-Reader

Data Reader

・ Full High Speed
・ USB and Floppy
・ Convert Format


E-Reader Campaign

・Paralel Cable
・Serial Cable
・USB Flash Memory

HCS2 1201-30

HAPPY Campaign

・HCS2 1201-30
・Lettering Software
・6Type Fonts

USB800 Reader

USB800 Campaign

・Paralel Cable
・Serial Cable
・USB Flash Memory

USB Mini Reader

New Device!!!

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A Simple but Powerful Lettering Software, containing 41,000 Japanese Kanji in 6 Group Fonts and 54 Alphabet Fonts.

Perfect Stitch / True Type Font
Apart from the 6 registered and patented ‘Kanji’ fonts, TrueType Fonts can be converted into embroidery lettering specially corners and sharp shapes are easily calculated resulting in nice and crispy looking designs.
6 Type Fonts Handled
6 types of Japanese embroidery ‘Kanji’ fonts are available. Converts WINDOWS Kanji TrueType into embroidery fonts. Company names and personal names are made depending on customers use. 54 English Alphabets are also available.
Simple Input System
Easy to input, settings are available by keyboard typing
Original Designs Handled
Original designs are sold in packages by categories. One design of each category is given as present (6) so you can combine letters and designs.
  • OpenEMB is a Lettering Software capable of doing Kanji and Alphabets only. Original designs and other graphic digitizing are not possible.
  • The Original Embroidery Designs and the 6 type JC-Fonts (originally Imai-Fonts) rights were legally acquired by JC Corporation from former Imai Co., Ltd.