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Lettering System

・ True Type Font
・ Visible Stitch
・ Simple Input

E-Reader E-Reader

Data Reader

・ Full High Speed
・ USB and Floppy
・ Convert Format


E-Reader Campaign

・Paralel Cable
・Serial Cable
・USB Flash Memory

HCS2 1201-30

HAPPY Campaign

・HCS2 1201-30
・Lettering Software
・6Type Fonts

USB800 Reader

USB800 Campaign

・Paralel Cable
・Serial Cable
・USB Flash Memory

USB Mini Reader

New Device!!!

Please call for E-mail for Detail and Specifications

C-003 IDS Embroidery Digitizing Software
IDS Intelligent Digitizing Software allows scanned graphics auto-digitizing. Over a 100 premade and true-typed fonts supported. Name Drop. Used for demo by former sub-dealer. Package contains Blue Original Security Key (Dongle), Installation Disk and User's Manual in a CD or USB flash memory if preferred (please specify) US$2,000 or JPYen 200,000
C-004 'NOVA' FDM2000 Floppy Reader for 'HAPPY' Embroidery Machine
NOVA FDM2000 Color LCD screen, unit used for demo, been in stock for long, transmits designs from floppy to Aisin (Toyota), Barudan, Brother, Happy, Melco, Tajima and ZSK, but I only have 'HAPPY' parallel machine connecting cable available. US$1,000 or JPYen 100,000
C-006 10,750 Embroidery Stock Designs by Digitape 2005
On its original 2 CDs Cover: 10,750 designs disk and Color Catalog Disk. 2005 never been used. Rather have someone who may use it than gathering dust in my office. US$150 or JPYen 15,000
C-007 10,000 Embroidery Stock Designs by Digitape 2004
2004 Stock Design Collection by Digitape. Contains 2 CDs with 10,000 embroidery designs and Color Catalogue. Never used. US$100 or Yen 10,000