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Lettering System

・ True Type Font
・ Visible Stitch
・ Simple Input

E-Reader E-Reader

Data Reader

・ Full High Speed
・ USB and Floppy
・ Convert Format


E-Reader Campaign

・Paralel Cable
・Serial Cable
・USB Flash Memory

HCS2 1201-30

HAPPY Campaign

・HCS2 1201-30
・Lettering Software
・6Type Fonts

USB800 Reader

USB800 Campaign

・Paralel Cable
・Serial Cable
・USB Flash Memory

USB Mini Reader

New Device!!!

Please call for E-mail for Detail and Specifications

USB800 Reader

USB800 Reader

A compact, economical and user friendly unit which makes sending designs data to embroidery machine an easy task.

HCS2 1201-30

'HAPPY'single-head compact embroidery machine color LCD. Built-in Help function

HCD2 1501

The compact high performance embroidery machine. The network can be constructed in LAN port.


Madeira embroidery thread and hand embroidery thread.
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Despite some obstacles and health issues, JC Corporation will soon enter its 10th year since incorporation with the same spirits to provide and cooperate with the embroidery and textile worldwide community. We will be announcing web-specials, valuable gifts and promotions of our popular products, machines and devices to celebrate our decade in business.

JC Corporation www.embrocarr.com refreshed Website offers Special Packages and Affordable Deals to our clients and new business clients, in the trilingual usual format. JCC is the local ‘Happy’ Embroidery Machine Agent. We also offer rebuilt, demo or new embroidery machines, spare parts, devices and accessories. We manufacture our own embroidery software, USB and Floppy readers, a USB-mini reader, Original Embroidery Designs and more to come.

We welcome any reasonable inquiry and look forward to start new business relationship with your company.

Please consider us as your Japan Outlet…. We appreciate your business!

・Embroidery attachments, accessories and related equipment.

・Sales of new, demo, used embroidery machines, software and parts

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